Gas solutions

gas solutions

At Expat Heating Solutions we are fully qualified to the high standards of British gas regulations.

With the number one priority being the safety of all of our customers.

All gas work completed comes with a gas tightness test as a standard practice. A gas tightness test is a leak check of the whole gas system.

leak fixes

With our specialist gas leak detection apparatus, most leaks can be pinpointed and fixed within no-time.​

safety check

A gas safety check is different from a gas service. It is primarily designed to inspect any gas appliances including boilers, cookers and fires (permanent or portable) to ensure the are working correctly and safely.


We take care of installations of all gas pipework systems. For example pipework for kitchens, boilers, gas fires and industrial units.

gas appliance servicing

An annual service of all gas appliances is a must to ensure the safety and good working order of the appliances. It allows us to ensure that everything is working correctly according to the manufacturers instructions and to prevent any future problems.

flue inspections

One of the most vital parts of your gas system is how your flue gasses from your gas appliances are transported out of the house safely. If the flue is damaged or was not installed correctly it can bring danger to life, through carbon monoxide poisoning.

carbon monoxide alarm

We urge all our customers to have carbon monoxide alarms installed in rooms with gas appliances. We offer the re-twist CO stop. The moment the carbon monoxide is sensed it will deisconnect the power from the appliance, removing the source of the issue. The beauty of this alarm is that you don't have to worry about batteries running out or actually hearing the alarm and dealing with the problem yourself. A product we 100% stand behind.

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