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boiler installation

You might think that your boiler is working fine at the moment, but there are a couple of reasons why you might want to actually replace it. Click on boiler installation to read more about this.

radiator installation

Whether it be that you have old radiators you wish to change for design ones or a change of layout in your house, we can help! If you are looking to change the radiators because they are becoming increasingly inefficient then we also have our heating flush solutions!

radiator control installation

We offer the installation of controls to radiators, affording you the luxury of controlling the temperature in each individual room. This can be done on three different levels: manual control, thermostatatic radiator heads and also radio frequency controls which, when combined with a smart thermostat, allow complete control from the thermostat (in addition to a smart phone app).

heating system installation

We love nothing more than a blank canvas, being able to install a high-functioning heating installation tailored specifically to your building's heat loss calculations.

thermostat installation

From basic to smart thermostat, we install them all. We are also official nest thermostat installers.

installation dirt & air separator

Dirt seperators are integral to the lifetime of your heating system and your boiler life. Dirt separators attract unwanted corrosive materials from central heating system before they enter your boiler, thus increasing the lifetime of the water side parts.

Air separators remove oxygen from the heating system helping reduce noise in the system and help to slow down corrosion.

Heating pulse flush

we are proud to be one of the only heating companies in NL to offer this service

Heating Pulse flush

Common practice in the UK as a standard for the optimum performance of heating systems, but a new practice here in the Netherlands.

Using the latest pulse technology machines we can remove the corrosive materials from your central heating system. Increasing the efficiency of radiator and floor heating systems.

We provide a pdf report of the systems performance and add a system protector to reduce further build up of corrosive materials.

Boiler Service

All boilers need to be fully serviced and inspected at least once a year by a Gas engineer if they are to function correctly. By having a service at least once a year, you will go a long way to significantly increase the life span of your boiler.

General maintenance

With the high end technology available we can very quickly find any defaults on your heating system and rectify as quickly as possible. At the end of the day your heating system should work for you with no second thoughts. We can answer any concerns you may have about how your system in performing and look at how we can let it run thought free and efficiently.

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