Pulse flush

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Heating pulse flush

heating pulse flush

we are proud to be one of the only heating companies in NL to offer this service

how does it work?

Heating Power Pulse Flushing is the process of cleaning out any rust, sludge and dirt that has built up in your radiators, underfloor heating, boiler and whole central heating system.

A high power pulse machine is attached to the central heating system and a combination of chemicals and compressed air are pulsed through the system to clear and breakdown any debris.

It extends the lifespan of your central heating system, it improves the efficiency of your system and it reduces your energy bills by up to 25%.

We provide a pdf-report of the systems performance.
We also add a system protector to reduce further build up of corrosive materials in the future.

signs for a pulse flush

Any of the following issues can be a sign that your central heating system is in need of a Heating Power Pulse Flush.

Radiators take a while to heat up

Radiators have cold spots

Boiler makes knocking noises

Boiler keeps switching on & off

Boiler keeps on breaking down

It's a quick and easy process, it gives peace of mind and my radiators are now working as if they are new!

Louis, happy customer

Benefits of a pulse flush

There are numerous benefits of a Central Heating Power Pulse Flush. These include the following:

Radiator heat is significantly increased

Central heating system heats up quicker

Reducing energy bills by up to 25%

Boiler works more efficiently & quieter

Extended lifespan of your central heating system